Birmingham UK • Montreal CA



DAAT’s critically acclaimed 2014 album HVAC solidified their signature production style, building futuristic machine-scapes from meticulously-combined field recordings and samples reinforced with detailed synth work. In the years since, they’ve only gone deeper into the rabbit hole. An obsession with machine consciousness, signals and the perception of reality has driven them to create conceptual tracks that become living entities in their own right. Many of those tracks have been publicly released, but some have remained elusive in the archives, only played in mixes and live performances.

The PROTOTYPES LP traces the behind-the-scenes development of the DAAT sound between 2014 and 2020. An inordinate amount of effort goes into the creation of every DAAT release, much of which is spent on experiments, treatments, detail segments and ideas that never get their own time in the sun. This collection is DAAT’s way of shining light on the sought after prototypes and sharing some of the process that goes into their work.

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